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Have you ever taken less for your wholesale deal than you expected, and then a day later were offered a few thousand dollars more? That's why banks use auction sites, because it ensures they get their Highest & Best price for their fixer and uppers, so why shouldn't you?


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Auction Participation Agreement required to post a property. is a Cutting Edge Online Marketing Platform for Real Estate Investors to help them wholesale their Deals to the Highest Bidder. This site is for properties that need a lot of work, for motivated sellers or deals that have a good ROI for an Investor.

Auction Participation Agreement

  • 1. I agree to use this marketing platform to aggressively market my deal to get my Highest and Best price by advertising my property link in all email blasts, Facebook & other Social Media posts and all other marketing I do to advertise my deal to as many investors as possible.
  • 2. During the time frame my property is on, I agree to send all buyers to website to get them to bid against each other to help me get my Highest & Best Price.
  • 3. I understand that if Bidders don’t bid my asking price or higher they can make me an offer as long as there’s no other higher offer. At the end of the bidding period I can see if there’s any offers I’m willing to accept or negotiate with to get my deal SOLD. Bidders can’t bid lower than 25% of my asking price.
  • 4. I agree I can turn down any offers below my asking price, and I have the ability to evaluate all offers and accept any one that I chose over my Asking Price that I determine has the best terms for me whether they are the Highest or Lowest bid.
  • 5. I agree to accept one of the bids that is at or above my Asking Price when Auction ends as long as I accept one of them, or I could be subject to a withdrawal fee unless approval has been granted.
  • 6. I agree to allow to advertise my deal to their database of investors and social media sites to give my property more visibility.
  • 7. I agree that I will not artificially inflate or influence the bids on a particular property, and I will discourage my client from doing the same.
  • 8. I agree to the best of my knowledge that there are no liens against this property that would prevent property from selling at my Sellers Asking Price, minus closing costs and prorated property Taxes & HOA fees up to the day of closing.
  • 9. I agree that an Internet transaction fee of $497 will be charged to the winning buyer of the property and paid to at the closing. This fee will be agreed to on a Fee Addendum that I will have signed by the Buyer when the Purchase Contract is executed. I agree that if a property sells and I do not get the Fee Addendum signed by the Buyer, I will be responsible for payment of that fee.
  • 10. I agree that is a marketing platform to assist me in generating activity on a property and that it does not represent me, my client or any bidder as an agent.
  • 11. I have title open at an investor friendly title company, and title is clear. If you’re not committed to an investor friendly title company then we suggest Independence Title at 5300 Memorial Dr #460, Houston, Tx 77007 or Texas American Title at 2500 W Loop South #500, Houston, Tx 77027.
  • 12. Each registered User shall act with honesty and integrity while using this site; otherwise, user privileges shall be revoked. may suspend your account and seek legal remedies if the site's staff at any time suspects that either as a buyer or seller, you have committed or engaged in fraud or fraudulent activities relating to transactions on the site. Any

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